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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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E-    Supporting Studies and Analysis Cited In Section C Above

The source of Information presented in Section C is the annual State

F.   Other Supporting Data:

Collection of demographic data from the States has not been permitted
since 1981. Reports submitted voluntarily by States for the 1982-83
school year provide the following information:

Total  number of participants                                                2,573,231

American Indian & Native Alaskans             26,482

Asian and Pacific Islanders                      371,402

Blacks                                                           493,282

Hispanics                                                      608,992

Whites                                                        1,029,527

Others                                                             43,546

Participants By Level

Level  I participants                               1,637,689

(grades 0-8 and ESL)
Level  II participants                                620,827

(grades 9-12)
Undetermined                                                314,715

Participants By Age

Age 16-44 years                                       2,054,279

45 and over                                           504,969

undetermined                                           13,983


A small-scale study was underway with completion expected in January 1985.

Contacts for Further Information:

Program operations:    Paul V. Oelker    (202) 245-9793

Program studies:    Eugene Tucker    (202) 245-8364


1. In fiscal year 1980, a supplemental appropriation contained $5 million
for two discretionary programs: (a) Adult Immigrants; and (b) Adult
Indochina Refugees. An additional $17.6 million was made available
for adult education for Cuban and Haitian entrants. These programs
were operated during academic year 1981-82. The $100 million figure
does not include these supplements.orts   included   such   groups   as  adults  with